Request & Offer

Why do I need to submit my data for a quote request?

I would like to submit the best possible offer to you as my customer. For this, I have to sift through the data in advance and assess how long I need for the implementation of your wishes and ideas. So you only pay for the service that really accrues and not some flat rate, which may not even apply to your project.

How is the communication with you?

Communication is very important for goal-oriented processing. Many things can be clarified quickly and easily by email. This way, you as the customer and I as your audio engineer always have the correspondence in written format. Sometimes, however, it simply requires a conversation before, during or even after the production. Please understand that I cannot offer 24/7 telephone support. Therefore I like to arrange telephone appointments by mail.

Soon there will be the possibility for Skype or FaceTime contacts, which can be used especially for international customers.

Communication via Facebook / Instagram: In order to keep a targeted overview of the communication with you, the written exchange will take place exclusively by email. I will always answer questions on social media with the request to official contact me by mail

What does the offer include and how do I get it?

  • Overview of services
  • Time schedule
  • Notes on subsequent processing
  • Price & payment information

You will receive your individual offer as PDF by e-mail

Can I commission multiple songs or an entire album?

Definitely! For new customers I think it makes sense to start with a first song and see if all parties are satisfied with the result. If this is the case, further songs or the rest of the album can also be commissioned at short notice.

Can I get a flat rate deal per song for an album?

I will gladly make you an offer for a complete album mix. But as well with only one song, I look through the material in advance and make you an individual offer. You get a complete price for an album and depending on the number of songs also attractive conditions.

Job order

How long does it take to process

The turnaround time is highly dependent on the order volume and the expected final deadline.

  • A single song mix or mastering job is usually completed within 7 days.
  • An EP or album production requires a longer turnaround time.
  • Individual editing jobs can usually be brought in or brought forward at short notice. 

Do I need to provide a reference song for my own song mix?

No, this is not mandatory, but it can be very helpful to understand your ideas, your wishes and where you want to go with your sound and mix. Sometimes a sound reference can help to get there faster.

If you’re not sure where to go with the final mix sound, that’s not a problem. You can be sure that I will put all my experience into your mix to get the best result for the song.

How and when is payment made?

Depending on the order volume, a deposit is required before processing. Before sending the final data you will receive the final invoice.
A data transfer will take place immediately after receipt of payment of the full invoice amount.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or via PayPal.

Files information

Preparing files before sending

For the preparation of your personal offer and a quick processing it is more than helpful if the data are sent prepared in the way given here. You can also download the information as PDF here.

File exchange

Data exchange can be done in the following ways:

  • Dropbox: If you have a Dropbox account, you share a Dropbox folder with me.
  • Google Drive: If you have a G-Drive account, you share a G-Drive folder with me.
  • I will send you an upload link if needed
  • You send me a download link (for this you can use up to 2GB e.g. at wetransfer.com for free)

Is my files secure with you?

At any time your data are safe with me! Your traces will not be used for any other purpose than for the sighting, for the preparation of the offer or for the order processing.

Will a backup of my files be created?

If it comes to an order, your tracks and the final mix are stored by me for max. 1 year, so that you can fall back on it again in case of a later processing. Afterwards the data will be deleted by me.

In case of rejected offers, the tracks will be deleted immediately.


Mixing vs. Mastering


Your individual tracks are processed as required using filter, EQ, dynamics and saturation tools and combined to form a cohesive sound structure. The basic level settings, the automation of volume levels, the spatial arrangement and also the refinement by means of modulating effects are very creative processes and require experience and a feel for the right application in the respective song. All these steps are be implemented in accordance with your wishes and ideas as artist.


The entire mastering process includes various steps such as the final dynamics, EQ, saturation and sound image processing. Especially if you want to release an EP or an album with several songs, then these should be tuned to each other in the mastering process. This is the only way to achieve a sonic and “round” listening experience with your complete work of art. And of course the loudness (LUFS), especially for the streaming services and download platforms, is an important factor that is adjusted to the respective requirements in the final process. 
With a single mix from me, you always get a final track that is “loud enough” and meets the current requirement (LUFS) of the streaming services and download platforms. In addition, you also get a version without this “loudness”, so that you can include your song in a complete album afterwards if necessary and this can be mastered independently.

Streaming-Ready vs. Radio-Ready

The streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Tidal, etc. have certain specifications for the audio formats and for the loudness of uploaded audio files. For each project, care is taken to ensure that all of these specifications are met.

“Radio-ready” is often used to indicate that the final mix can compete with professional radio productions. Often it’s about loudness, clarity, punch, pressure, warmth…and which classic statements you like to take for it.

What are revisions?

After the first processing of your order, you will receive the first final version. And certainly it can be that you would like to have a modification. Maybe the kick drum is a bit too loud and the guitars a bit too far in the foreground. Now, after your feedback, the first “correction” or first revision takes place. After this revision and a quieter kick and quieter guitars, maybe the bass will now push itself a bit, which was not so noticeable before. Or maybe another band member has another change request. So the second revision can take place.

And two revisions are included in every order. Experience has shown that these two possible revisions have often led to the final goal. Of course, further revisions can also be made, but then we will go through the entire mix again together in concrete terms.

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