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MixRocks - Your Online Mixing Service for Rock Music

Introduced in 2015 MixRocks is now integrated into the Joker Tone Audio Production as an offer for Rock Artists around the world.

MixRocks is an online mixing service specialized for Bands and Singer-Songwriters from the Rock genre.
Through the service of MixRocks you get all professional audio processing for your final sound.

Rock is your musical genre?
Then you get all my experience and creative input when it comes to mixing your songs.

Mixing- & Mastering Service

You can book the complete song mix for your songs, the mastering for one or more songs or the preparation for your own final mix.

Music Production Service - Mixing


Mixing for the Rock- & Pop-Genre

Music Production - Mastering


Final step to your perfect sound!

Music Production - Editing


Clean-Up | Tuning | Correction | Re-Amping 

All your benefits...


Direct and uncomplicated communication

Your Sound

Each artist is supported to create his "own sound"

Every Song

Every single song gets its own independent treatment


Sound design according to customer requirements with years of experience


Individual offers oriented to wishes and necessary processing

Revisions included

2 revisions (change requests) per mix included without extra fee


single stereo mix is incl. mastering (streaming-ready)

Streaming Ready

All mastering jobs are streaming-ready for the desired online portal

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Here you get some sound impressions from different mix projects of the last years.


Chris Maragoth, Peoria Smith, Shorelines to sutton (USA), Ain’t the ones, Auch!, Beast Riders (UA), Neros Echo, Society Within, Extrig, Damon Barnett (USA), Fernglas, In2Pieces, Westpol., Mira, 2accord, Alienshake, Bis einer heult, Lautstark, From Scratch, Six PM, The Mitch Buchannons, The Flicks, Stellar Stereo, Better Together, Village Beat, Kanit, Ponyfish, Timon, Sommerhelden, Jan-Frederik Warda, Planisphere, Dender, Hey!ToDD, Club Charlie

Feedbacks from artists

I have been working with Niels since 2013. At the beginning in the course of my band activities. Later, when I started my side project "Chris Maragoth", it was immediately clear to me that I can also rely on Niels for this project. You can always rely on him and his mixes are always exactly as I imagined. He also has always great ideas and feedback for me in terms of songwriting or getting the icing on the cake in the arrangement.

Chris Maragoth


Communication regarding the mixed was reliable and friendly. The high-quality and also fast result bows seamlessly with the rest of the positive impression of the studio. Many thanks for the fat production!



Niels is happy to offer assistance and make suggestions without imposing himself. Often, it's only subtleties that make a big difference in the end. We are completely satisfied with the result and highly recommend him!

The Flix


Mixing Service Options

Full Mixing Service

Frequency adjustment
Dynamic adjustment
Spatial shaping
Effect adjustment
Volume adjustment
incl. 2 revisions
Advanced Editing (Optional)


Frequency adjustment
Dynamic adjustment
Spatial shaping
Effects adjustment
Advanced Editing (Optional)


Final frequency adjustment
Final dynamic adjustment
Final Loundess Adjustment
Streamping / Download / CD optimized
Multiple track adjustment for EP/album
incl. 2 revisions

Advanced Editing Service 

Advanced Editing

Clean-Up | De-clicking | De-noise | De-verb

Time- & Phase-Correction

Adjustment of timing and phasing


Replacing and/or mixing drum samples


Creation of the final vocal track from several recordings (recoding takes)


Pitch correction and adjustment of vocal recordings


Re-amping electric guitar/bass DI track

Workflow for mixing or editing job

1. Files exchange

After contacting me and selecting a service, you send me your audio data or receive an upload link. I will review the data and create the best offer for you.

2. Receive your offer

You will receive a written offer with all details for processing. If you have any questions or additions, we will speake or chat in advance again.

3. Processing

After you have placed your order, it will be processed with the booked and listed service selection from the offer.

4. Final checking

Finally, you check the result. If you want to have any changes, they will be made on the basis of the information you provide.

What other clients said...

Niels always spared no effort to make the work perfect and was passionate about the project, which is crucial for me as a musician. I am very happy with our results and can only enthusiastically recommend him.

Better Together


The production was simply uncomplicated and problem-free, starting with the preparations and ending with the post-processing. The same applies to the correspondence by mail or phone. With Niels we always had a very competent and sympathetic contact person at our side. We can only warmly recommend working with Niels.



The post production with the edit and mix versions, Niels has designed according to our wishes and the result can be heard. We would gladly work with him again and recommend him to others



About me

Joker Tone Niels Stu

My name is Niels and I have been focusing on rock & pop bands and singer-songwriters for the last few years.

I made my first musical steps in my teens (1999) as a singer in Berlin rock bands. 2007-2010 I studied at the “Deutsche Pop Akademie” (Berlin) and produced various music genres from 2011. I gained intensive knowledge and experience in recording, songwriting, arranging as well as mixing and was allowed to work with some very diverse and interesting artists.

Since the summer of 2015, I have specialized in mixing the genres that fascinate me the most myself – Rock & Pop. These genres are a perfect musical mix for me. Also a reason why my online mixing service got the name “Mix Rocks”.

Studio Production Niels Stu
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